A Dedicated Food Industry Management Solution

Today, more than ever, your business needs to be streamlined, efficient and agile. You need the flexibility to adapt to changing consumer needs quickly, without ever compromising on service or product quality. Our full-featured Enterprise Resource Planning solution is designed with your business in mind.

About Us

DigoSolutions began as an idea. With extensive food industry experience, we often found ourselves battling with management systems designed with other businesses in mind. Nothing really worked the way we did, nothing really fit our needs. But what if there was a complete ERP solution dedicated to restaurants and food retail, that understood how the industry works and how best to support it? That idea became DigoSolutions, and today we are proud to offer our cloud-based ERP system that is designed from the ground up to work the way restaurants and food retailers do. With flexibility and reliability at its core, our ERP solution can provide as much or as little support as you need.

Using cutting-edge cloud-based technology means that the entire system is platform agnostic. Whatever connected device you have, you can access and manage every tool the way you want, wherever you may be. Importantly, it can work alongside existing systems with no integration required, reducing costs and speeding up adoption. You can be up and running with DigoSolutions a lot quicker than you think. We are immensely proud of what we have achieved, and we continue to work hard on our product to ensure you always have the very best tools to help your business succeed in these challenging times.


To provide the finest tools and support on the market for restaurants and food retailers with a comprehensive ERP solution that offers improved productivity and efficiency for the business while enriching the customer experience and enhancing the brand.


To drive the food industry into a new era of technology enabled service solutions that transform customer expectations and reinvigorate the market.

Supports electronic invoicing

Our program is accredited by the Zakat, Income, and Customs Authority to generate invoices compliant with Value Added Tax (VAT). You can issue your invoices and obtain tax declaration reports with ease.



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